Zedtown Feedback Form

Did you play Zedtown: The Wasteland¬†this year? This was our biggest game yet and we tried a bunch of new things – a brand new web app and new rules for survivor inter-faction conflict. We’d love to hear your feedback.

(Note: we are also asking for some age/gender stuff this year because it is hugely useful for attracting prize sponsors and partners. Only answer questions you feel comfortable about. We will never contact you via email unless you allow us to.)

If you have any specific feedback that doesn’t fit this form, you can email us direct at feedback@zedtown.com.







What was your favourite thing about the day?

What was your least favourite thing about the day?

What suggestions do you have for future games?

Did you participate in the mission system? How did you find it?

What did you think of the human factions?

Did you use the web app?

How could we make the app more useful?

Which years have you played Zedtown?

Would you play Zedtown again?

Do you want to hear about future Zedtown games?