Zedtown: Rules Update


Update! Thanks everyone for the feedback on these rules. There was some concern this change might make survivor v survivor fire too lethal - especially when zombies are added to the mix to finish off the wounded. We've made two changes to slightly mollify this - strengthening the defensive potential of online bases and giving players a bit more safety within their own factional ranks. If you have any more questions about these rules, hit us up on Facebook. (21/11/15)

“Hello players! We’re getting close to three weeks out from the next Zedtown and it’s time to announce a few more tweaks to our ruleset as we head into ZEDTOWN: OUTBREAK SYDNEY.

As always our design changes come after receiving loads of feedback from you the players, so a big thanks to anyone who filled out a feedback form after our October game.

Because Zedtown is a community-based game, I always do my best to explain our goals and philosophy behind each rules change – so you can get the best sense of what we’re trying to achieve. If you have any questions about this game and the future, feel free to get in touch.

– David Harmon, Designer


Our last game saw the introduction of Factions and with them the possibility of organised survivor vs survivor play. We're really excited by some of the gameplay and story moments that came out of this and we want to encourage it but we would be the first to admit the rules were a bit of a mess. We've cleaned them up and made stunning work essentially the same for survivors and zombies - which should make everything a lot simpler!

Stunning a Zombie or Survivor: Survivors may stun a player by blasting them with a foam dart or arrow blaster, or by hitting them with a thrown balled-up sock. A stunned Zombie must pull their headband around their neck and retreat to indicate they are stunned. A stunned Survivor must lower their blaster. They must retreat from the person or group that stunned them and may not interact with the game in any way. This includes:

  • Tagging or stunning other players.
  • Shielding other players from darts.
  • Collecting darts on the ground.
  • Shouting out Survivor locations to other players.

(New!) No Friendly Fire: Survivors cannot stun players in the same faction as them. (Updated 21/11/15)

Respawning: Players can become unstunned using a Zombie or Survivor Respawn Station. A Spawner can only be used while it is ONLINE (indicated by the mounted lights).

To operate a Respawn Station you must:

  • Stand within 5 feet of the spawner.
  • If the respawn timer is unactivated, activate it by pressing the big red button.
  • Wait for the chime.

Congratulations, you are Respawned!

Remember: a Survivor Respawn Station can only un-stun a Survivor hit by blaster fire. If you have been tagged by a Zombie, we can’t help you.


Last year our rules regarding faction bases and the level of protection they offered was a little too obscure - bases should be secure enough that zombies can't camp them without large numbers, but not so large or secure as to become boring or game breaking.

(New!) Spawner Safe Zones: Non-elite Zombies may not enter the marked area surrounding a Survivor Respawn Station. Survivors may not enter the marked area surrounding a Zombie Respawn Station. (Updated 21/11/15)

That’s all for now. As we continue to refine the rules we’ll let you know. A complete list of rules can be found on the rules page. For all event information (and to book tickets), check out the Zedtown: Outbreak Sydney page.