Hunt zombies in your hometown

asset-zombie-dummyZedtown is a giant game of real world zombie-themed tag. Players take up toy dart blasters and fight for their life against hordes of vicious zombies. Over the course of an afternoon, as survivors are hunted down and tagged by zombies they become zombies themselves, spreading the virus and dooming humanity. It’s up to the remaining survivors to hold out for as long as they can, and maybe escape Zedtown.

A player-driven story

More than just a game of running and shooting, Zedtown is a truly interactive event that empowers players to create their own action and tell their own stories. A call-in radio station provides up-to-the-minute immersive colour and useful survival tips while our dedicated app helps survivors communicate and play the game. Social media streams offer real-time clues, commentary and a hub for fantastic player-driven storytelling. These elements combine to create a truly cinematic zombie experience just waiting for the players to suit up and leave their mark.

Epic gameplay on an epic scale

Zedtown has run annual games since 2012. In 2016 we had our largest game to date with 1,000 players fighting their way through the zombie apocalypse. Zedtown: Dead South took place at the University of New South Wales on Saturday September 17 2016.

Want to know more? Check out the Zedtown FAQ page.