11 Jul
A player’s perspective

Zedtown: State of Emergency is over and the war stories are already beginning to circulate.

23 Jun
Zedtown in 90 seconds

Ever wondered what Zedtown looks like? This video will give you a pretty good idea.

16 Jun
CNET take on Zedtown

Think you can outlive hundreds of ravenous zombies? Team CNET did. How did they go?

28 Mar
Thanks for playing!

A huge thanks to all who played Zedtown: Outbreak Melbourne! We'd love to hear your thoughts.

14 Dec
Thanks for playing!

Did you join us for Outbreak Sydney? Check out some photos and tell us your thoughts.

12 Oct
Thanks for playing!

The Zombies were once again victorious but the Survivors didn't go down without a fight.

13 Oct
Thanks for playing!

300 brave fighters stood in the name of humanity. All fell. We remember Zedtown 2013.