08 Sep
Welcome to Concord

Here's a bit more information about the town of Concord and what to expect on game day.

31 Jul
Dead South game map

How big is our UNSW game map? Well, put it this way: you might want to charge your Fitbit.

23 Jun
Zedtown in 90 seconds

Ever wondered what Zedtown looks like? This video will give you a pretty good idea.

16 Jun
CNET take on Zedtown

Think you can outlive hundreds of ravenous zombies? Team CNET did. How did they go?

22 May
Survival Prep Checklist

Want to know how best to survive? Here's what to do before Zed Day to maximise your game.

29 Apr
Twin Cities game map

A new map means new places to hide and new places to die. Where will you make your last stand?

05 Apr
Zedtown: Twin Cities

Buy yourself a dart blaster, suit up and take part in our first Sydney game of the year.

28 Mar
Thanks for playing!

A huge thanks to all who played Zedtown: Outbreak Melbourne! We'd love to hear your thoughts.

10 Mar
Zedtown: The Deadlands

The biggest Zedtown game map to date. Question is: how long will you survive the apocalypse.

14 Dec
Thanks for playing!

Did you join us for Outbreak Sydney? Check out some photos and tell us your thoughts.

20 Nov
Zedtown: Rules Update

Check out the patch notes and rule updates for the December's upcoming Zedtown.

31 Oct
Zedtown: Stage 2

Huge new venue. Brand new story. Our first independent game. Save the date. Save the city.

11 Oct
Zedtown Feedback Form

Did you play Zedtown: The Wasteland this year? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

05 Oct
2015 Final Briefing

Everything you need to know and bring – all the better to play your part as the world burns.

25 Aug
Survivor Factions

Introducing survivor factions! The newest way to make friends in the Wasteland.

12 Oct
Thanks for playing!

The Zombies were once again victorious but the Survivors didn't go down without a fight.

09 Oct
2014 Final briefing

Here's some final information you need to know about the game. Make sure you read it all!

13 Oct
Thanks for playing!

300 brave fighters stood in the name of humanity. All fell. We remember Zedtown 2013.

07 Oct
A beginner’s guide

Joe Craddy from CDT offers up a primer of sorts for getting the most out of the game.

29 Sep
Zedtown 2013: Trailer

We remember Zedtown 2012. The highlights. The lowlights. Footage by Allister Magee.

29 Sep
Hunting the Living

Last year's OZ puts together a few tips for how to get around in the second half of Zedtown.