From time to time we like to ask our players what kind of merchandise they’d be interested in buying. We do this because, as a small company, we don’t want to commit to expensive print runs of things unless we know people will buy them.

This year we’ll be asking you a few times about different types of merch. If you’re interested in buying one of the products we’re considering, let us know using the form below. If we get enough interest we’ll print! It’s that simple.


Wear your faction colours with pride. 3″ diameter, embroidered patch. Iron-on adhesive. Price: $6-9 depending on interest.

Faction sigil artwork by: Matt Roden


I would be interested in purchasing one or more faction patches before or on the day of the next Zedtown.

Red Earth Raiders:
Golden Sands:
Water Eaters:

(Note: This form is an expression of interest only, it does not commit you to buy anything.)